The following website consists an online product selling shop, which has been created and is operated by Athanassia Seidi, the owner of the commercial store with the name “studio accessori POLYMORFO», a company based in Thiva, at 54, Pindarou street, with VAT no. 044211218, Tax Office of Thiva, with email address and a telephone number for the services of the online store 2262021834 (shall be called hereinafter for the sake of brevity the “Company”).

The following terms and conditions shall apply of the use of the online store, which can be found at the electronic address Every user who accesses the site and makes transactions or uses the services of the online store (which shall be called hereinafter, in brief, a “visitor” or/and “user” or “customer”, depending on whether they perform only a visit to the online store or also make an order and purchase of products) are asked to read carefully the general terms, as these are clearly stated herein, as it is considered that they agree and unconditionally accept the following terms, with no exception whatsoever. In case that a user does not agree with these terms, they must, under their own responsibility refrain from the visit, the use of the website, as well as from any transaction with the online store.


The Company reserves the right to freely amend or revise these Terms of Use at its sole discretion or/and when the amendment is required by Law, possibly even without your prior notice, however always in the context of the transactional and the limits laid down by Law. Any amendments shall apply from the date of their publication on this website. It is clarified that any change of these Terms of Use does not include orders that you have already made in our online store, before the entry into force of the amendments in accordance with the above. The use of after the aforementioned amendment, shall be deemed as the acceptance of the Terms of Use, as amended. The use of this website by you and any transactions you make at our online store takes place on your sole responsibility.


The Company guarantees the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided in the online store, which is up-to-date, whether it concerns our identity, the products we provide or transactions.

The Company, in the context of good faith, shall not be responsible or bound by entries of electronic data and information which have been made by mistake/accidentally according to general experience, that is due to technical or typographical errors or due to the fact that this website is down or due to force majeure. It has also the right to proceed to their correction whenever it realizes their existence.

The website has taken all the necessary technical as well as other measures, so that the available quantities and sizes of our products are immediately updated, however, it shall maintain an explicit reservation as to the validity of the quantities and sizes of the products which are available in the online store, as they may be updated within 3 days from the moment of their modification.


The user/customer is solely and exclusively responsible for using the services, information and data of our online store as laid down by Law, also based on the rules of good faith and transactional ethics and is obliged to refrain from any illegal act and abusive behavior, as well as from the adoption of unlawful tactics and practices of unfair competition. In particular, they are obliged not to use the online store with the brand to: 1. send, publish, send by e-mail or transmit in any other way any content which is unlawful for any reason whatsoever, causes unlawful infringement and harm to the Company or to any third party, or violates the confidentiality of information or personal data of any person, 2. send, publish, send by e-mail or transmit in any other way any content which is offensive to the accepted principles of morality, social values, to the minority, etc., 3. send, publish, send by email or transmit in any other way any content for which the users do not have the right of transmission in accordance with the Law or with contracts in force (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements), 4. send, publish, send by e-mail or transmit in any other way any content which infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of the Company or any third party of any kind, 5. send, publish, send by e-mail or transmit in any other way any content containing software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, corrupt or destroy the equipment of any operation of any computer software or hardware, 6. violate, intentionally or unintentionally the applicable legislation or provisions, 7. harass any third parties in any way whatsoever, 8. collect or store personal data relating to other users.

The user/customer shall be exclusively responsible for the legality and correctness of the information, data and details they provide to our website, which the Company has no responsibility or obligation to control, unless this is imposed following a complaint or by Law.


The Company, under no circumstances, including the case of negligence, shall not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the user/customer of the online store, regarding the choices and the content of the website, to which they proceed on their own initiative and with the knowledge of these terms of use. The Company, in the context of its transactions through the online store shall not be responsible and shall have no obligation to compensate for any damage resulting from the cancellation of orders, their non-execution or delay of their execution, for any reason whatsoever.

The Company always acts in good faith and within the framework of the provisions of the Law and these Terms of Use. Therefore it has taken and shall continue to take all necessary technical or other measures and make every effort so that: 1) the website and the online store operate smoothly and properly without problems, interruptions, delays, errors, 2) the data/information which is provided and transmitted through this website on one hand are not altered, on the other hand are protected through the creation of backup copies, since the security systems of this website are subject to restrictions, 3) the technology used by the Company or its servers through which our online store is available to the users/customers does not contain viruses or any other harmful software components or programs, however the Company DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY GUARANTEES for all the above and is not obliged to compensate you, in case that you suffer any damage for the aforementioned reasons.

Furthermore, the Company provides no guarantee for the suitability, efficiency, adequacy of the products in relation to the purpose for which you intend them and for the correct and proper execution of the transactional obligations of the other users of the website.

The Company shall make reasonable efforts to maintain the website and make available its content. However, it does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, but informs, on the basis of the data kept about the availability or non-availability the concerned user/customer and undertakes, in case of change of this data, to inform the customers in good time about the non-availability, therefore, in this case also, the company shall bear no further liability. The online store provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations), the products and services which are made available through its website “just as they are”. However, the display of our products on your computer may differ slightly from reality, in terms of size, color, etc.

In no case shall be the Company responsible for or criminally liable for any damage (actual loss, special damage or loss of profit, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and/or cumulatively consists in loss of profits, data, loss of earnings, financial compensation, etc.) possibly suffered by a visitor/user/customer of the online store or any third party for a reason related to the operation or non-operation or/and the use of the website or/and to the inability to provide services or/and products or/and information which are provided by them or/and any permitted third party interventions in products or/and services or/and information which are provided through them. Moreover, it shall bear no liability for any technical problems which may occur to the users when they try to access the website and during their visit to it and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website.

The Company shall not perform any preventive check of the content and the information which is published and disclosed by third parties and, of course, shall not be responsible for them, nor shall it bear any responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and, in particular, unauthorized interventions of third parties in products or/and services or/and information which are provided through its website.

Apart from what is explicitly defined herein, the Company shall bear no responsibility towards you or/and any third party who derive rights from you, in case that any of the above, during the use of the services or the products of this online store suffers any direct, indirect, ancillary, consequential or other damage, loss of profit, due to: 1) errors, omissions, technical setbacks, failures or malfunctions of the telecommunication networks, Internet, website, servers, 2) permanent or temporary closure of the website or of some of its services or/and to the cease of provision of some products through the online store, 3) events, situations, actions, acts or/and omissions of the Company or third parties including other users for which the Company does not provide guarantees and has no obligation in accordance with the provisions laid down herein, 4) information and other content which may be published and disclosed by third parties.

In cases of force majeure, the Company reserves the right to change the delivery time of the products.

The Company reserves the right to cease temporarily or permanently the operation of the entire or part of the online store, at any time and for any reason whatsoever (e.g. maintenance, upgrade, etc.).

The website of the online store may include links to other websites. Therefore, under no circumstances should it be considered that the Company adopts or accepts the content or services of other websites to which it may be linked and the Company explicitly disclaims any liability for their possible unavailability, for any content, for the privacy policy and the policy of protection of personal data, for the quality and completeness of their content, their information and their services.

The Company shall be liable only for fraud and serious negligence, in case of damage due to information it provides through the website of its online store.

Without prejudice to mandatory provisions, the liability of the Company for material damage due to slight negligence, regardless of the legal ground is expressly excluded. It liability for indirect or consequential damages shall be also completely and explicitly excluded, regardless of the reason.


The Company has towards the customer all the obligations deriving from the provisions of the Civil Code and concerning the seller. In particular, in case of defect of the product, the customer may demand its repair, free of charge, unless this is impossible or entails disproportionate costs, or demand its replacement with another product, or may withdraw from the purchase. The aforementioned obligations of the Company shall cease in case the defect has been caused by you, or the returned product is dirty, damaged, has abrasions, creases and generally gives the impression that it has been used beyond the necessary testing for its suitability, or is due to force majeure. In any case, the products must be accompanied by the required legal documents and receipts. You must exercise your rights that are mentioned above within fourteen days of the receipt of your products, and this deadline shall start on the day following that of receipt and in any case you must have returned the product to us within this deadline. Upon the expiry of the above deadline, the Company shall bear no obligation towards the customer.

Furthermore, we must inform you that, based on the provisions of the Law, in contracts in which the supplier sends the products to the consumer, the risk of loss or damage of the products shall be borne by the supplier (in this case the Company) until the consumer or any other third person who is explicitly designated as responsible of receiving the products on their behalf (other than the carrier) has acquired the physical possession of the goods, and then this risk passes to you, the customer. However, the risk passes to the customer after the delivery of the purchased products to the carrier, if the carrier has been authorized by the consumer/customer to transport the goods and this particular option has not been provided by the Company, without prejudice to any general legal rights of the Company vis-à-vis the carrier.


The entire content of the online store, including the distinctive titles, trademarks, images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, provided services and products, etc., are the property of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek Law, European Law and international conventions and treaties. Any copying, analog or digital recording, mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale of part or all of the content of the website or creation of a work based on this content or misleading the public about the actual provider of the online store, is prohibited for any purpose, except for strictly personal use, unless the Company has given its written consent.

The names, images, logos and distinctive features which represent the Company or/and its online store with the trademark or/and third parties, as well as the products or services of the Company or third parties, are assets of the Company or of the third parties respectively, and are protected by the relevant Laws on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

Their appearance and display on the website of our online store does not, in any case, grant permission or a right of use by third parties.


The website, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and all applicable laws and regulations, grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right of access, use and presentation of this website and its contents. This authorization shall not constitute a transfer of title to this website and to its contents and is subject to the following restrictions: (1) you must maintain in all copies of the website and its components, all formalities relating to intellectual property rights and other property rights, and (2) you cannot modify the website or its components in any way whatsoever or reproduce or present in public, distribute or use in any other way the website and its components for any public or commercial purpose, unless otherwise permitted herein.


If, for any reason whatsoever, one of our products does not satisfy you, you can return it and replace it with another. According to the general return policy of the company, you are entitled to return products and request their replacement within 14 days from the date of sale and only if the products are new, are not dirty, damaged, do not have abrasions, creases and, do not seem, generally, to have been used beyond the necessary testing for their suitability, while the products must be also accompanied by their legal documents (receipt, invoice, etc.). In this case the customer shall bear the corresponding cost of the transport of the old and the new product, except in the case of delivery to a physical store.

*For any returns you must you should call the number 22620-21834 or communicate by email at and report the case.